Why Daniel Bryan most fan favorite WWE superstar in the world

 Daniel Bryan is the most popular superstar in WWE Universe Fans


Daniel Bryan was born on May 22, 1981 and debuted in 1999. He is a professional WWE superstar and he is trained by none other than his mentor Shawn Michaels. After making his debut in the ring Daniel was considered the most gifted athlete in the world. He was first the part of the NXT division where he made a great impact and after that he made his official debut in the WWE ring in 2009 and from the moment he made his debut he became the fan favorite all along. People cheer him and like him because he can outperform every wrestler in the ring. During his career he has made quite accomplishments by winning the Mr. Money in the bank to straight to winning the WWE world heavyweight championship. He is one of the beloved superstars who simply get connected with the fans so easily. His abilities and natural way of wrestling is something is very commendable and acknowledged by the past legends and his fellow superstars. Want to know more about Daniel Bryan , read this.

  • What he has accomplished in WWE?

1) He is 3 time WWE world heavyweight champion.

2) 1 time WWE tag team champions with (Kane) as team hell no

3) 2011 money in the bank winner

4) 2013 superstar of the year

5) Has headlined major pay-per-view events like wrestle mania and summer slam

  • For what reason he became the fan favorite in very short time?

He has the natural ability to connect with the fans when he enters the ring crowd cheers him and give him standing evasions in so many ways. He also started the ‘’YES’’ movement that taken may people by storm it was because of his actions and pure in ring capabilities that fans whether it was a child or a man or woman everyone loves to see him. He is a genuine wrestler all the time. Watch wwe raw online and see latest interviews of Bryan at wwe network.

  • What about the current state of him?

Nowadays, he is out of the action because of having a number of severe neck injuries and it is expected to return in the coming major PPV’s in early next year. Fans love him and see him as the true future of the WWE.

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Locksmith Vallejo and Napa: Things a locksmith do

Searching for facilities online is increasing day by day. People like to use their smartphone and internet to search for the things nearby. Even for the locksmiths, the search results are available online. People is Napa can search for the locksmith Napa and people in Vallejo can search for the locksmith Vallejo to have a look at the available individuals providing these services. But before taking services of a locksmith, first, you must know what a locksmith can do for you.

Key cutting

Lost your keys? No worries. A locksmith can cut the keys for almost everything. Whether it is your car, your house, your cabinet, your drawer or whatever it is, a locksmith will be able to make the alternate keys for you that you can use to access the desired thing.

Windows and door locks

The locksmith will be able to create secure windows and door locks. Whenever you are making a home or have shifted to a new one, you might be worried about the security of the house. Therefore, you need to ensure that the locks are tight and there is no loophole. It is where you can call the locksmith. A good locksmith will be able to supply, fit and repair the door locks.

Extra security and safety

The equipment that includes extra safety and security may also be provided to you by the locksmith. However, not all the personals will be able to provide the service to you.

Electronic access system

There are certain locksmiths that have specialized and have the ability to install the electronic and advanced locks in your house. These are the individuals that can help you in introducing the latest locks to your house and ensure that the safety and security are taken to a whole new level. These may include card locks, fingerprint locks, etc.

So, these are certain services that you can expect before calling a locksmith napa or a locksmith Vallejo. In case that you are in need of any service above, search for the locksmiths nearby and contact the one that seems appropriate. Ensure that you are taking the service from a professional that possess the required knowledge and have experience in the field. Asking a person who does not have enough practice may lead to the inappropriate installation of locks which will ultimately lead to security loopholes.


Why are Websites Blocked in School?

The school is a sanctuary where students of every age to study. Studies increase their intellectual level, knowledge and help them grow and learn new things. When a student learns new things he records on the mind so that can be used in future when required. Advances in technology and the internet where the internet has helped many of the students with vast information. The internet has also destroyed some of the bright minds. According to some experts, the internet has taken the ability of the students to think to try and create things on their own. This is the sole reason that websites are blocked in the schools. But these websites can be unblocked by proxy site for school.

What kind of websites is blocked in the school?

There are different information related websites. This information related websites help students in their assignment and projects. They take the sole meaning of project and assignment away from them. Assignments and projects are set up by the teachers to test what a student has learned in the class. The Internet is just there for spoon feeding the students. Social media are also blocked at the school. They distract and waste a lot of time of the students around the globe. Many of students would disagree with this statement but instead of uploading status and taking a picture to post online is not learning. Social media are feeding over the time. They earn from the amount of time wasted on the social media itself. Different graphic websites are also blocked at school so that such website doesn’t disturb the school system. Graphics website is explicit content that shouldn’t be watched by a student.

What are different ways that a blocked website can be accessed?

A blocked website can be accessed through a proxy website. Proxy websites bypass the normal security that is set up by the network administrator of the school. There are many different proxy websites are present that ensure easy and safe bypass. The proxy doesn’t break the school administrative panel it just breaches the network security protocol. Once the network is breached any website can be accessed through proxy websites with ease. Many students use the proxy websites to find surveys that are not available in their country.

What is a Proxy Site For School?

Proxy means hiding the original ip and changing the region and country address of the IP. The network identifies the IP in that is accessing something. Hence no flags will be raised and the computer would able to bypass easily. Consider proxy is a camouflage of the internet.  Students use the proxy to access websites like YouTube to watch tutorial wide of the work they are doing. This gives them an academic advantage.

What are different proxies available that can be used in the school?

Hotspot shield is one of the best proxy software in the world. This software has two version one premium and one simple. The simple version bypass only limited websites. But premium version can bypass every country website that is available.

Betterment is another plugin available for the chrome browser helps as a proxy. This can easily be installed on the school computers.

Prime Jewelry Is The Best Option In Industry

Prime jewelry is one of the famous websites that produces different kind of titanium steel enforced rings. These rings are the top qualities that are available on the delivery around the world. Titanium steel is one of the best steel when it comes to rings enforcing. Prime jewelry has loyal customers that recommend the rings of prime jewelry as one of the best. Different customers have even recommended the prime jewelry for their transition of designs into different designs.

Their customers also say they convert what one has imagined into reality. For any brand, this is quite difficult to achieve. Such level of satisfaction only appears when the product is identically created. The issue of design only resolves when there is no communication barrier present. Customers never explain the design perfectly he wants to see the experimentation brand does. But the staff of prime’s jewelry ensures that they are asking a frequent question from customers. This method ensures the perfect design from both ends.

Prime jewelry offices are based in Australia. They deal customers all over the world. Most of their products are shipped through different delivery companies. Prime jewelry ensures the product doesn’t cause any rashes. As Wearing titanium steel can cause skin rash and this is common in warm countries. The versatility of design ensures the customers about the different updates in the company.

What is Signet Solid Titanium of Prime Jewelry?

Signet Solid Titanium variety comes with steel ring in the base. This model has been very famous between thirty to thirty-five aged men. This beautiful design has many qualities. It adds a new look to the whole outfit. Prime Jewelry staff has ensured that these rings are handcrafted. The titanium present in the ring base is of very high quality. Brand ensures that design won’t fade a lifetime or the color.

This article of the brand is based for both man and women. But the color varies in woman variety. There is different size available for the ring. Sizes start from 6 and go to 12. A smaller six can’t be created in case of titanium steel. The color is silver gold and black. The ring costs almost 69 dollars on the market. Due to the sale of holidays nowadays rings are on the sale. The black design is most prominent article color on te market.

Almost five hundred copies of Black signed Solid Titanium ring has been sold on the market. There shipping is free inside the Australia. Outside the Australia their shipping may cost below ten dollars. Prime jewelry color has been promised one lifetime.

Rings looks beautiful on whichever the hands they are worn. Brands make every effort to produce the best quality. The company ensures if the ring of the prime jewelry doesn’t fit the hands. Then company returns the ring, They pay for the delivery charges and sends the new ring as well. This level of commitment can be expected from the Prime Jewelry.









Primavera Systems Inc. delivers program and project management software for the construction, engineering and architecture industry. Focused on PPM or project portfolio management, the solutions of Primavera enable the users prioritize project resources and investments, improve team collaboration, measure progress and assure governance. The software packages of Primavera include prosight, P6, inspire, evolve, sure trak, pertmaster and cost manager. The recent addition to the set of project management solutions is Primavera P6. It is a cohesive project portfolio management (PPM) solution that delivers a real-time view of portfolio performance. P6 also delivers what-if scenario modeling,capacity analysis and tabular scorecards.

Oracle Primavera P6 delivers insight to project managers, planners, schedulers, stakeholders, employers and any others involved in the project. It also provides unparalleled control and monitoring. Many people are of the opinion that oracle primavera p6 is exclusively used for large-scale projects but the fact is that it can be used for projects of any size and in any industry. This software can be used to help determine the rate of completion of projects related to telecommunications, define risk in aerospace engineering, enables stronger control in manufacturing processes and monitor the IT process.

Latest Features of Primavera P6

Image: oracle.com

When your schedule has errors, over-run issues or inconsistencies, project expenses will rise. This could mean removing important features of the project as a compensation for the high costs. Using primavera P6 enables mitigate and identify the risks in the course of completing, managing and planning a project. Primavera P6 delivers many complex processes and analyses;however, managing and accessing the schedule remains easy. Simply give your information and wait for the software to find any problems. For example, worker shifts may have too many employees, additional raw materials may be needed or may be uncovered. P6can be used throughout the whole project, even multi-tier, large projects. Primavera P6 makes the planning and scheduling process easier by enabling the users have access to the schedule. In addition to this, you may permit the workers to generate their schedules within the software from their location.

Primavera P6 enables everyone associated with the project to carefully observe resource availability and regulate such resources to meet the demands of the project. In addition to this, the software can help find the areas where the costs of resources can be declined by examining resource costs and trends. Compliance and Visibility with environmental and political regulations are among the top priorities for business executives and project managers. Since oracle primavera P6 permits all the data to be analyzed, tracked and entered in a single place, you can ensure your project doesn’t raise any violations. As the project progresses, it may need additional tasks, activities and resources to meet the demands of stakeholders. Within Oracle Primavera P6, the project managers can generate forecasts for activities and resources. The tracking features of oracle primavera P6 enables the users to quickly create reports, make certain all the projects are finished as requested and maintain the baseline adherence.

According to the survey conducted recently, 475 out of top 500 engineering firms in US utilise Primavera P6. In addition to this, all the federal and military agencies are also benefited from using Primavera P6. Also, thousands of companies in Asia, Australia, Europe, especially in Gulf countries utilise Primavera P6 software. Tons of job vacancies are present requiring people having skills in Primavera P6. Once you get Primavera P6 training, you can get a job of a planner, scheduler, project coordinator, planning engineer etc. So, if you are good in Primavera P6, there are many opportunities for you anywhere in the world.

Do You Believe in Myths That Say These Gifts Cannot Be Gifted to Anyone?


There are many beliefs across the world and perhaps there is no logical conclusion to them but people has a habit of believing them. Blind faiths are something that renders our society a regressive one and not a progressive one. Once I liked a certain item from the nearest store and wanted to get that gift delivered in Dubai to my boyfriend but someone stopped me by saying that may crack my long term relationship with him! I gave up on that person but I loved that gift too much so without thinking anymore on such BS things, I got that gift wrapped for him and we are a happily married couple at present. I have listed a few of those things that should not be gifted as per myth and I guess people must know all these and get more of these gifts so that no such negative news ever prevails.




Listen to the mythical logic behind not gifting a shoe – a shoe should always be in pair and therefore if you get one for your girlfriend or boyfriend, there are major chances of break up. People who have rumored this news is not aware of a word named “Divorce” which also breaks up married couple. So, in no way it can be said that only unmarried people are barred from buying shoe gifts. What if you get a shoe for your wife and next day she sends you a divorce notice?


Black clothes:

Many ancient people say that black is the color of pain, sorrow, and mourning. Getting a black cloth as a gift for someone means that you are going to attend that person’s funeral very soon. Come on! Your parents never got you any black colored cloth? You died after that or what? As per the myths goes, there are some positive and some negative attributes of each and every color. For example, red means love and compassion and it also means danger. So, would you refrain from getting red dress or flowers for your sweetheart? Black is one of the timeless classic colors that defines your strength, so, go for it whole-heartedly.



I grew up on this view from every elder of my family that a watch should never be gifted to any loved one because doing so you are binding that relation into some sort of time. So, there remains fear of losing that person. Now, tell me, can you resist the temptation of a Fossils or a Rolex or a Breguet when it is being gifted? Or when you have the capacity to get such expensive gifts for your loved ones, would you mind these myths?



As per ancient beliefs, a handkerchief is meant to wipe tears and thus should never be gifted. It shows hatred more than anything else as you want the other person to cry if you get a handkerchief as a gift. But those who drew these guidelines also forgot that handkerchief also wipes flowing nose or sweat – isn’t so?



Like the teeth of a comb, your relation may go astray if you get this as a gift. But imagine one of the heart-warming love stories ever written had the hero getting a comb made out of tortoise shell for his wife (The Gifts of the Magi by O.Henry).


So, don’t believe in all these BS stuffs but know them so that you can counter back those who question your good faith. Just send online gifts in Dubai to your loved ones without any inhibitions.

Best Morning Routine for Success

“Early to bed, early to rise – makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Isn’t it true? Yes, it is! Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, it’s good to know some habits that will enhance your routine to get the maximum benefits from the morning for a pleasant day ahead.

Early morning hours are an excellent time to start your day when your body and mind are clear and free from any stress and anxiety. If you correlate then there would be one common thing among a lot of successful people, it would be their habit of getting up early in the morning. Even studies have proved that early risers tend to be more proactive and better planners because they get into a better sleep cycle as their bodies tend to be more in tune with the earth’s circadian rhythm.

Here Are Some of the Best Morning Habits:

Wake up expressing gratitude

As you wake up, feel grateful for the gift of life and joy of a new day. Recall the good things that happened in your life and when things are wrong make a list in your mind and command for all its positives to be appearing in your regards. Research shows that people who regularly express gratitude are less likely to suffer from loneliness, depression, or envy.

Don’t forget the spiritual connection

Dedicate some time for prayer, meditation or yoga as these are all valuable for the bliss of the life which you can mostly obtain during the early morning in the calmness of the atmosphere. At this time, you can get the purest form of air to breath by which you can get rid of toxins and ensure a healthy life with the advantage of peacefulness within your soul.

Give time to yourself

There are a lot of things going on in our lives with an urge to fulfill our desires and with the all-day busyness we have lost our self somewhere. Do yourself a favor every morning; keep some private time for yourself. You can’t get that time if you don’t wake up early. Private moments enhance your productivity throughout the day, and you could even crack some great ideas for your future.

Make time for exercise

Morning exercise boosts the blood flow that makes your mind active and provides more energy throughout the day. Exercise boosts levels of health-promoting brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, which may help reduce some of the effects of stress and also relieve from depression. At least you wouldn’t have to get no credit check payday loans in Las Vegas to do a morning walk, jog or ride a bike because it’s inexpensive.

Don’t skip a healthy breakfast

You can’t possibly have a happy, energetic day if you don’t feed your body a healthy diet in the morning. Plan your breakfast in advance, so you don’t miss this important meal of the day due to lack of time in the morning rush for work.

Avoid morning distractions

Successful people avoid distractions from the news, emails, and text messages early in the morning which can disturb one’s peace and gratitude of the morning. These things can wait, and the world will not come to an end if you approached them later. So prioritize the things in the morning.

Set your daily goals

To be successful always try to set goals. List down all your objectives with clear goals and have prioritized what you want to get done, especially paying off that payday loan in Henderson, NV. Studies found that when you see progress towards achieving a difficult task or goal, this increases happiness and also suppresses all the negative emotion.


Start your day with a smile or laugh out loud for your happiness as this doesn’t need any reason. Wish your partner or kids a good morning with a bright smile and see how it will relax your muscles immediately. Make this effort, and this will make a huge difference to yourself and your loved ones!

Follow these simple daily routine strategies, and you will see success and happiness will approach you on their own.

The best thing to make your home energy-efficient

Are you looking for a way to make your house energy-efficient in 2017? Cost-effective secondary glazing suppliers The Plastic People made an effort to find out some incredible and extraordinary houses across UK that have implemented some amazing techniques to make their houses energy-efficient.

Earthship Brighton

The first project launched by the Low Carbon Trust, Earthship Brighton can be found on a Soil Association-accredited site in Brighton, where it acts as a community centre used by Stanmer Organics.

Key drivers behind the development of the structure in the south of England are as follows:

  • It delivers a sustainable community centre that suits a genuine local need.
  • It matches the changing values seen in the construction industry.
  • It encourages individuals to take positive action in order to generate environmental change by pursuing less carbon-intensive lifestyles.

When it comes to the actual setup of Earthship Brighton, here’s some of the structure’s stand-out features:

  • Many low-impact materials sourced from within 35 miles of the structure were used during construction. This includes used car tyres being used as a basic building block and glass bottles being cut up and taped together in order to form glass bricks.
  • A dynamic combination of solar gain, super insulation and thermal mass is used to heat the structure.
  • Photo-voltaic panels, solar thermal panels, a wind turbine and a wood pellet stove are situated throughout the site in order to generate renewable energy.
  • All water used at Earthship Brighton is harvested from the sky, with enough room in the storage facilities to hold 20,000 litres of water at a time.

Earthship Fife

While Earthship Brighton was the first structure of its kind built in England, Earthship Fife takes the credit of being the first Earthship of the entire UK.

Completed in 2004 and used as a Visitor Centre in Fife as well as a Learning Destination for the Children’s University, Earthship Fife captures attention for the following reasons:

  • It inspires people to make small changes to their lives, such as finding ways to save water and both re-use and reduce waste.
  • It also encourages individuals to look into large alterations to their way of living, for example building their own sustainable homes.
  • It is surrounded by Earth on three sides, meaning people are inspired to grow their own food. This setting also results in the weather determining how warm the structure is and how much electricity is delivered to the site.

The Hobbit House in Wales

Situated in a hillside in Wales, the Hobbit House is a miniature family home that only cost the Dale family £3,000 to build.

Here are some of the structure’s stand-out features:

  • The house is predominantly made out of mud, oak and stone.
  • Straw bales are used in order to insulate the home.
  • Solar panels are used in order to generate electricity in the home.
  • Underground air is used as a means of cooling the home’s fridge.
  • The home’s toilet is used as a compost.

Crossway in Kent

The brainchild of architect Richard Hawkes, Crossway is an eco-home in Kent that catches the eye for the following reasons:

  • It was built using only locally sourced materials.
  • Solar panels throughout the building are capable of generating 3,600kwh of energy each year. By being able to sell excess energy back to the grid, the structure’s owners are able to make an annual profit of around £2,000.
  • The eco-home’s ventilation system means that heat is effectively circulated around the property, while a unique power storage system ensures that none of this generated energy is ever wasted.

Heathfield in East Sussex

A five-bedroom home situated among 11 acres of land, key eco-friendly features of Heathfield include:

  • An air-source heat pump.
  • A central vacuuming system.
  • Motion-sensitive lighting arrays.
  • A rainwater harvester.
  • Triple glazing.

Sedum House in Norfolk

Nestled into the side of a steep sand hill, Sedum House captures attention for the following reasons:

  • The eco-friendly property was built with the sun in mind. For example:
  • A pair of terraces make the most of both the morning and evening sunlight.
  • A wooden canopy functions to keep the sun off the home’s sizeable bay window throughout the summer.
  • The ground provides natural insulation to rooms located towards the back of Sedum House during the winter months.
  • Underfloor heating is delivered to the building thanks to a geothermal heat pump that has been built under the property’s lawn.
  • It features a water harvesting system.

3 Things You Should Know Before You Pursue a Healthcare Career

While healthcare may be a hot career right, there are a number of factors that should affect your decision. Let us look at three things you should be aware of before you pursue a healthcare career.

It Isn’t All “Turn Your Head and Cough”

The medical profession is far more than doctors, nursing and pharmacy. Bioinformatics, the science of studying massive volumes of data to tease out deeper understanding of related conditions or identify potential treatments for under-served disorders, is more closely related to big data than it is big pharma. Pharmacists work with medications, but pharmacy assistants perform many similar duties under the supervision of a pharmacist and don’t have to spend as long in school. Sonography technicians, X-ray technicians and a host of other medical technology careers are open to you after just a year or so of classes.

Continuing Education Is Mandatory

Whether you are a phlebotomist or nurse, doctor or forensics nurse, your license to practice medicine or membership in accrediting organizations often requires continuous education credits. You are thus required by law to take a certain number of hours of classes in your field every year or so. In ever changing fields like pharmacy or genetics, you have to keep up with the latest innovations just to meet the needs of your patients.

Employer Support for Higher Education

Nurses in particular have a high burnout rate. Few quit because they contract a disease. More often, employers see nurses quit due to the emotional burnout that comes from working in the Emergency Room past one’s emotional breaking point, or spending years working in a facility without adequate supporting equipment and injuring their back. Many women leave the medical profession for a while when they become pregnant. The constant upgrading of skills and moving into higher paying jobs also forces employers to hunt for talent.

Conversely, this has led to employer support for advanced education to be an industry standard. Whether it is a hospital paying for someone’s continuing education hours to keep their entry level certifications or tuition assistance so that a nursing assistant becomes an RN, or helping an RN earn an online master of science in nursing, the employer benefits by cultivating in-house talent. They typically require the student to work for the facility for a set number of months or years after graduating with the higher degree. The end result is that far more medical professionals get educational advancement paid for by their employers than employees in other industries, especially if they already have the first rung on the educational ladder.

Before you move into a medical field, know that there are far more medical jobs than just nursing and physical therapy. Select a field and position type that suits your temperament. There are many continuing education requirements and a wide range of opportunities to upgrade your skills via an MSN degree. Medicine is one of the few fields where your employer will often pay for your entire educational path once you’ve completed the most basic certifications.




4 Great Alternative Career choices for Teachers

Teaching is a very rewarding career. However, there are many people out there who become somewhat disillusioned with it all. This isn’t because teaching has become less rewarding, but when you are stuck in the same job for years, things become a bit boring. This is why many teachers will look into other careers. Here are some of the best of them.

Start a Tutoring Business

If you are business-minded, but you still want to teach, then creating a tutoring business may be the best option for you. You will be able to work your own hours. If you do things right, then you may even be able to expand your company to the point where you have other tutors working for you! Many people opt to go down this route because it is fun, and when you do things well you can command a salary that is far higher than in the actual teaching profession.

Become a Counselor

If you still wish to work in schools, but you do not want to be a teacher, then you may want to become a counselor at school. Here, you will be working with students and providing them with guidance in both their careers and their everyday life. Many people find that this career path is a lot more rewarding than working as a teacher, as you will have a major impact on that person’s direction in life.

You will need slightly more than your teaching degree to go down this route. Thankfully, there are a few counseling programs online that you can follow through Wake Forest University. These will give you the skills that you need to thrive.

Work in a Prison or Youth Detention Center

Sure, this is going to be similar to teaching in a school, but also different in many ways. The people that attend your classes in prison have opted to attend your classes. In addition to this, discipline in the classroom tends to be a bit better than in schools. This makes it easier to teach. What you teach in these classes will have an impact not only on that person while they are in prison, but once they leave the system, too.

If you don’t want to become a counselor or teacher, then you could become an educational consultant. Many organizations are looking into ways in which they can incorporate training into their business. You can help them with this. There is a lot of money to be made here! It is a tough business to get into, but the potential to make cash is there.

Remember; these are just a few of the career paths out there for a teacher. You may want to look into them now, or you may want to look into them once you have taken the standard ‘teaching career path’. This goes to show that you do not have to pigeonhole yourself into one area of teaching. There is a whole world to discover!

Things to Look for Before Selecting a Domain Registrar

Is finding a best domain name registrar a tough task? No. But it can be if you are a newbie. There are many things that a buyer must see before registering a domain name. Generally people take much care while selecting a hosting company but forgot to take the precaution while buying a domain. So you must follow below factors in order to find the best domain registrar.

Prices and renewal rates

The price of a domain name might not be the important for everyone. But mostly the newbies are budget conscious. Some domain registrars attract the new users by their introductory prices. Like offering a domain in almost $1 for the first year. But after one year when you are going to renew the domain then you have to pay almost $15.

So that’s a huge difference. You can select such kind of domain registrar in case of when you want a domain for only one year. But if you need a domain for at least 3 year then you must choose a registrar having low renewal rates. Such kind of registrar may not offer introductory prices but the low renewals can save your money.

ICANN accredited

ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This is the only organization that handle all the domains. If you focus while buying a domain you can see that they there is fee $0.18 which goes to ICANN. So you must also see that the registrar is authorized by ICANN.

Support Services

Customer support is always an important factors whether you are buying a hosting or a domain name. The problematic situation can be arises at any time. Suppose there is a problem and your domain is not working then a handy and friendly support team will save you. Yes it is true that you did not need help frequently in case of domain name but still active support team must be there.

Domain Lock

Domain lock is function that prevent the user to transfer the domain from one domain registrar to another. Some domain registrar keep this function in their hands while some allow their users that they can lock or unlock the domain. In my opinion this function should be in the hands of the users so that he/she can transfer the domain easily. In the other case if the company did not allow the user to change their domain lock status then the can contact to the support to change the status.

Prices of related things

The prices of related thing like the WhoisGuard and SSL etc. When you registering a domain also keep in mind the pricing structure of these. The company may offer domain at low rates but the add-ons may be available at expensive rates. Yes you can purchase these add-ons from the other provider but this require some additional technical settings. Some purchasing all these at one place is good for those having low technical skills.


Reputation of a domain registrar also matters a lot. The registrar must follow the ethical code of conducts. You may find the reputation status at BBB where people rate their experience about the company.


I always love freebies. There are companies that offer valuable freebies along with the domain name. Just take the example of namecheap. They offer WhoisGuard for free for the first year. WhoisGurad is a very valuable feature that protect your privacy. Not only NameCheap there are many other domain registrars with freebies so do your research before subscribing for a domain.


Don’t take it light while selecting the domain registrar. Domain is a very important element of your website. Selecting a registrar blindly will get you in some trouble. So always keep in mind the above factors to filter out the best domain registrar.