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Call for Papers

The editors of RITTENHOUSE are pleased to receive unsolicited works. The principal aim of the journal is to facilitate communication among those interested in scientific instruments, their development, construction and use as it pertains to the Americas for all periods up to and including mid-20th century technologies.

Referenced papers submitted to RITTENHOUSE may be up to 20 doublespaced pages (including endnotes). Research reports, shorter (usually nonreferenced) articles, book and exhibit reviews, "collection profiles", notes and comments and conference information (both calls for papers or reviews) will be considered for publication. The editor should be consulted if an article or research report is expected exceed 20 pages or to contain more than ten photographs and/or graphs and tables.

All manuscripts will be reviewed by the editor and he may request a review by someone with more direct expertise. The associate editor will receive "collection profiles", book reviews, exhibit reviews and conference information.

Author's Guidelines

Authors are asked to observe the following:

  • Manuscripts should be double-spaced and formatted for letter or A4 size paper. Submissions may be made electronically (preferred) via the Internet or on floppy or Zip discs or CDs. Files for electronic submission are best saved as RTF (rich text format) documents but MS Word and WordPerfect files are acceptable.
  • Captions for illustrations should be included at the end of the manuscript. They should contain, where applicable, a negative number, catalogue number, and courtesy / source information. Identify figures / photos on the back with figure number and author's name. Indicate the top if necessary. 8 x 10 glossy photos are preferred and will be returned to the author. Graphs should be reproducible as camera-ready art. Scanned photos and graphs may be submitted as TIFF files. Electronic images should be scanned at 250 dpi (minimum), scaled to 4.75 inches in width and saved as 256 grayscale.
  • Style should follow The Chicago Manual of Style. See this issue of RITTENHOUSE for the bibliographical style of our references
  • Research papers should include an abstract of up to 100 words.
  • Author(s) should supply a short biographical note (apx. 50 words).

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